Who is VG?

Vedra Games is a personal project belonging to Boldo and Darkblack, AKA Pepe Méndez and Africa Mir. The idea came up around 2005, to create a strategic board game with a different twist, away from the miniature world, but with a high competitive potential.

Around that time we were still absorbed by our Bachelor Degrees, and Colonial Space Wars was a side project. Over the years, we have discovered a vocation, and now we are giving the project all our time and energy. Whatever is left after taking care of our two little angels, that is!

Since we started devising the game, it has evolved and improved (we like to think) quite a lot. All the way from those mock ups made with cereal cartons, and those first illustrations devoid of digital magic.

This initiative naturally evolved towards the creation of Vedra Games, devoted to making great board games, in a wide range of themes, for all ages.

We will keep on working hard so that you enjoy our games as much as we have fun making them!